An argument in favor of judaism over christianity islam and buddhism

He is unchanging in His moral character. Similar questions arise for Islam. On reflection, our seeker after religious truth may come to realize that not even a single one of his personal encounters with the divine stands up to serious critical scrutiny.

Maybe God could have used evolution to form life to some extent; whether He did nor not is an exegetical issue. Hence, probably all of the evidence-claims of all religions are false. For, when we consider their respective credentials, it appears that every religion has alleged evidence to cite in support of its truth-claims: He was addressing the Protestant believers in New England and could be confident, therefore, that they would respond by endorsing the belief system that they already had.

If that standard is not absolute and self-sufficient, then definitions of right and wrong can be changed arbitrarily. He may come to remark on the fact that although God, as it seems to him, frequently tells him to take the actions that he is already disposed to do, God never seems to issue counter instructions telling him that he has got God's message wrong and should stop the mayhem on which he has embarked.

Begging the question, straw-man. Hume's Argument from Contrariety That this, or something like it, is the logic of the situation was first pointed out by the eighteenth-century Scottish philosopher David Hume [7].

How can one prudently place one's bets before one has looked carefully at the credentials of the rival candidates--not just the favorite ones but the dark horses as well. No matter where you rate the strength of the evidence on the scale from "makes religion R more probably true than not" to "makes R absolutely certain" or "proves R," you thereby rate all other religions as being shown to be probably or certainly false.

Second, whereas the direct action of God may cut off one type of explanation, others will remain and may even be enhanced. Each of these "establishing claims," as I'll call them, counts against the truth of the others.

The Rivalry Between Religions (2007)

Jesus, the Christ, is the central figure of Christianity, claimed by Christians to be not just another prophet of God, but God-Himself-made-incarnate. Mencken, " Memorial Service ," copyright by Alfred A. That some events are miracles and thus beyond scientific inquiry does not mean that science is not possible in all other circumstances.

Yet every bit of experiential evidence that is cited in support of any particular religion must involve some sort of miracle: Again, he may begin to doubt whether God really was giving him instructions when he learns that the staunch defenders of other religions claim, with equally passionate sincerity, that God told them to launch a crusade against his sect or religion.

Generally, these texts discuss upon diverse topics like theology, philosophy, mythology, Vedic Vajna, agamic rituals, temple building and other. Scientists have been so indoctrinated in the belief that all patterns can only be explained historically in terms of the happenstances of Darwinian evolution that many wouldn't even know to look for explanations in other terms.

They are being close-minded to the very possibility of finding evidence for Christianity. Each, after serious inquiry, may feel compelled to conclude not only that it is probable that believers in other religions are in error, but that he is too.

All religions are basically the same. Jesus, Prophet and Moses are respected as prophets of God. An Argument in Favor of Judaism over Christianity, Islam and Buddhism PAGES 1.


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Exactly what I needed. - Jenna Kraig, student @. The argument from morality is an argument for the existence of God. Arguments from morality tend to be based on moral normativity or moral order.

Arguments from morality tend to be based on moral normativity or moral order. What are the Christian theological arguments against Judaism? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 2 Answers. My argument for each of the above Christian beliefs are supported by a multidtude of scriptures, one could even say the whole of The Bible, but these in particular should satisfy your question: What are the main similarities and.

The destruction of the world (via nuclear weaponry, because said religions claim divine favor for themselves over and against other groups, based on unverifiable appeals to God that cannot be adjudicated objectively, seems increasingly possible.

Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, or Taoism, perhaps? The list of options does not stop there, of course. No religion is without its schisms and its sects. Settle on a major religion -- Christianity, for instance -- and the question still remains: Which version?

Aug 26,  · It's not the complexity that is the issue. It is the organization, the existence of information, the organization of the information, repair, reproduction, balance.

An argument in favor of judaism over christianity islam and buddhism
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The Rivalry Between Religions