An argument against euthanasia based on the concept of christian love

My opponent is either not understanding or is refusing to admit that he understands. Uncertainty of death and the subjectivity of requirements "Who can qualify for euthanasia. A survey USA showed that terminally ill patients actually spent the vast majority of their time on their own, with few visits from medical personnel or family members.

Euthanasia and assisted dying

Indeed, Bruce Jennings has claimed that no single concept has been more important in contemporary bioethics than the concept of autonomy, and none better reflects both the philosophical and political currents shaping the field.

The World Health Organisation states that palliative care affirms life and regards dying as a normal process; it neither hastens nor postpones death; it provides relief from pain and suffering; it integrates the psychological and spiritual aspects of the patient. There is no reason to think that euthanasia would be an exception to this rule - especially given the dominance of consumerism and hyper-autonomy in our current social climate.

Secular humanists deny this truth. It is hard to establish any difference in moral character between someone who denies a legitimate request for voluntary euthanasia and who subsequently watches that person die a slow and painful death, and someone who watches a cancer-ridden pet writhe in agony without having it put down.

For example, is someone raped another they couldn't be told they did something wrong because morality is subjective and for him rape isn't wrong. To say euthanasia relives pain would be equivalent to saying that euthanasia stops cancer from spreading.

Birth and death are part of the life processes which God has created, so we should respect them. Fear and Hopelessness This point is not pertinent.

We stand in need of folk who have determined to speak directly and unmistakably and come what may, to stand by what they have said.


Top The slippery slope Many people worry that if voluntary euthanasia were to become legal, it would not be long before involuntary euthanasia would start to happen.

As I have repeatedly said "this may give people a personal reason to oppose it, but may not be enough to enforce laws against it. There is a huge difference between killing people who ask for death under appropriate circumstances, and killing people without their permission Very few people are so lacking in moral understanding that they would ignore this distinction Very few people are so lacking in intellect that they can't make the distinction above Any doctor who would ignore this distinction probably wouldn't worry about the law anyway Health care costs will lead to doctors killing patients to save money or free up beds: In addition, fully-informed consent is often complicated by uncertainties of diagnosis and prognosis.

Religious Perspectives On Euthanasia

This can occur with a right to freedom of religion if there is a belief that others must conform to a religious view opposing euthanasia and a right to personal autonomy equality and free choice on matters of individual concern and incorporating a right to die.

Palliative care is the active relief of suffering in a terminally-ill individual, and although there are occasions when treatment may shorten life, this is not the intended or anticipated result.

Defending legalized euthanasia as public policy Peter Singer has acknowledged that the most powerful objection to the legalization of euthanasia, which he supports, is that "once we begin to allow some people to kill others, we will find ourselves sliding down a slippery slope that leads to killings of a kind that no one wants.

Those who oppose this argument say that properly drafted legislation can draw a firm barrier across the slippery slope. However, there have been several situations where elderly Australians, who were not terminally ill, committed suicide with the aid of Nembutal.

Top The slippery slope Many people worry that if voluntary euthanasia were to become legal, it would not be long before involuntary euthanasia would start to happen. In the public policy realm, these beliefs and their underlying values must be assessed, analysed and, if found wanting, rejected.

The logical perspective recognizes that if you grant that there are competent people who are better off dead, it logically follows that there are incompetent people who are better off dead.

This may tempt people away from palliative care. I think before my opponent points out my errors that they should really look at theirs first. It would be hypocritical to claim that one is tolerant of others but simultaneously insist that their values about how they live their individual lives, such as a desire for the option of voluntary euthanasia, are wrong and cannot be practised.

There has been a case in the Netherlands were a woman was able to get euthanasia and was considered to be suffering unbearably by two doctors, and her illness was going blind.


Morals exist solely in the amygdala. Become actively involved in supporting the debate at professional and political levels. The Bible is clear on this. Beyond Polarizationfrom which this article draws.

The withholding of medical therapy is reasonable when the treatment is disproportionately burdensome that is, the therapy - not the disease - is hard on the person and relatively ineffective "futile". Position of Catholic Church Nothing and no one can in any way permit the killing of an innocent human being, whether a fetus or an embryo, an infant or an adult, an old person, or one suffering from an incurable disease, or a person who is dying.

Singer also points out that: Furthermore, many politicians have objected in the media to Dr Nitschke and other physicians providing information and operating in an unregulated environment. If a patient is subject to endless suffering, they should be allowed the right to end it. Under Dutch law, euthanasia can only be practised if the patient is suffering 'unbearable pain'.

Effective palliative care gives the patient and their loved ones a chance to spend quality time together, with as much distress removed as possible. In such a culture, older persons often desperately lonely and depressed will fail to see their own value, and will often come to believe that they are a "burden" on their family and community.

Position of Islam Human life per se is a value to be respected unconditionally. Sep 12,  · 10 Arguments For Legalizing Euthanasia. One of the big arguments against euthanasia is that the public overwhelmingly supports the concept.

Jan 04,  · This page sets out the arguments against allowing euthanasia. This argument says that euthanasia is bad because of powerful support and love. Furthermore, based on the facts that were gathered, we learned that Dutch physicians do not do a very good job of following the guidelines against nonvoluntary euthanasia.

“Kant would not agree with anybody who out of self-love decides to take his/her life. The argument against it is in bold Euthanasia based on fear and. I will claim that the Argument from the Evil of Suffering is, at its heart, a utilitarian argument, and that the best Christian argument against it rests in a simultaneous, complimentary, philosophical, and theological approach that adopts Karol Wojtyla's personalist approach to anthropology.

Arguments for euthanasia. Substantial arguments based on individual rights no valid non-safety argument against democracies rely on Christian.

An argument against euthanasia based on the concept of christian love
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Euthanasia - A Christian response.